Interior designers and architects
1 - External hospitality expertise for design contract from the tender stage to full design implementation.
3 - Briefing and design supervision for hotel / resort/ restaurant / wellness / boutique project based on market research, international industry practices, guest experience, trends, and technology.
2 - Contract consultancy: advice on the scope of works, timing, cost, upsell opportunities, external consulting, budgeting, and tender submission package.
4 - Interpretation of hotel brand standards and operational input for design development.
6 - Third-party consulting on allied design disciplines - such as master planning, concept development, branding, lighting design, spa & wellness design, signage design, food service design, back of the house design, laundry design, art selection, space decoration and greenery, etc.
5 - Project management and client’s relation coordination of behalf of design bureau (*).
External tender department, budget estimation.
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